Entropy, a more scientific term for what we call “randomness” is the measure of uncertainty or disorder.
But the question is, how do we decide if something is random and more importantly, how much? Let’s find out!

Illusion of uncertainty

Is the direction of a ball bouncing off a wall is uncertain? No…

Although I am not a professional source code auditor, I am a hyperactive programmer and security researcher. The article is based on my own experiences and reading various vulnerability reports throughout my journey in information security. Hence it might have some flaws that I would love to know about in…

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Programming is an amazing skill to have and I believe it’s especially essential if you want to be good at information security. With the magic of programming, you can write exploits, automate things, get better understanding of how something works under the hood or find vulnerabilities going through source code.

Somdev Sangwan

I make stuff, I break stuff and I make stuff that breaks stuff.

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